The Interactive Map feature is a game changer for any organizer that cares about his attendees’ activity and engagement. It allows you to add one or multiple interactive maps with a detailed description of your event venue. It’s not only extremely helpful for your attendees who get all the navigation privileges, but it is also a time saver for your staff.

Follow these quick and simple steps to set your Interactive Map

  • Go to ‘Event Map’ section and click ‘Add Interactive Map

  • Upload an image which is at least 800x800 pixels and feel free to simply drag & drop your file - our system won’t require difficult actions from you :)

  • Then click ‘Add Location’ button

  • Use the blue square to indicate a specific area on your map. Add a location name and choose a color for it. Then you can link this area to any sponsor, exhibitor or meeting place. 

  • Click ‘Save’ to finish

How attendees see on their mobiles

If you see that your locations need an update you can edit them anytime you want. 

That’s all you need to know about our Interactive Event Map feature. Now you can easily create one or several maps for your event!

Still got some questions about this feature? Contact us at [email protected] or start a chat conversation on one of our web pages. We can guarantee that no issue will be left unsolved. 

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