What is it?

Company Portal is the central place to manage all your company's activities at events run on the PINE platform.

Access Link: https://app.pinetool.ai/company

What I can do there?

  1. Update the company logo, description, social profiles.

  2. Set up and manage Virtual Booth(s).

  3. Update Sponsor/Exhibitor info (if you are given access to such feature).

  4. Create and manage Job Listings (if you are given access to such feature).

  5. Approve other team members who need the editing rights as well and manage them in listings.

How to get access?

You need to have the Company Admin rights in order to access the Company Portal. There are several ways how to become a Company Admin.

  1. Organizer can give you the rights to administrate a company.

  2. You can become an Admin yourself by going to the Event Settings and click Enable Editing (you need to be the first one who requests such rights)

  3. Request editing rights, if someone already the Admin of the company (in this case only the company admin(s) or organizer can approve the new requests)


Feel free to send us a message at [email protected]

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