How to create your first event on PINE?

If you are planning your first online event and want to use the PINE platform for this, please register your organizer account first. You can click on the button below.

After registration, you will receive a welcome message with a proposal to create your first event.

When you click the button, you will be automatically directed to the event creation page. You can also start creating your first event from here.

Setting the main information about the event

At this step, the organizer enters the basic information about the event (its title and description), sets the time zone and duration of the event (number of days, start and end time for each day).

The organizer may make changes to this information until the event is in draft mode and not published. After the event is published, the organizer can change the name and description, but changes to the time will be blocked.

Style and branding

The next step is style settings and branding. On this page the organizer uploads the logo and cover of the event, determines the accent color from the proposed palette or by entering a color code. PINE Event Publishing Guides are available for downloading on this page. This document helps you understand the requirements for images and logos uploading.

Create an event (draft mode)

Congratulations, you have gone through all the steps necessary to create your event. After clicking the create button, you will get access to your event in draft mode.

Now you are welcome to add content to your virtual event and give all the attendees the most successful and valuable experience!

How to create an event if you already have an existing organizer account?

If you have an organizer account, just click on the "Create new event" button.

You can also do it from the Events tab.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or via online chat on the website.

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