Please, open the Speakers section at Organizers'.

Here you are provided with two options for downloading information. You can add speakers manually one by one. Or download the template, enter information about all speakers into it and upload it to the platform.

There are three sheets in the template that you download. On the first sheet, there are columns and fields to fill. Please do not delete or rename columns. This is important for data integration.

On the second sheet, you will find detailed instructions on the format of each field.

On the third sheet is an example of a populated database of speakers' tests.

On the third sheet is an example of a populated database of speakers, you can see in more detail how to fill out this template.

What information is required?

You need to add at least the First name, Last name, and contact email of the speaker.

If you have complete information about the speaker, you can fill in all the fields. You can also provide the speaker with the opportunity to correct information about himself and fill in the necessary fields.

How does the speaker get into the Speaker Hub?

To invite a speaker to join the event and give him access to the Speaker Hub, go to the menu again by clicking on three dots, and select “invite speaker".

The speaker will receive an email with the subject "Speaker invitation to PINE". The letter will contain a link to access Speaker Portal.

Please find the link where your speakers can find their scheduled sessions in case they cannot find an invitation letter to a Speaker Hub.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or via online chat on the website.

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