Joining an event on PINE platform as an Attendee is super simple!

Once you are added to the event you will receive an invitation email from PINE [email protected] with the subject "Welcome to EVENT TITLE" . Click on "Get access" and you will be redirected to the PINE platform.

On this step you need to create password for your account. Please do not share your login and password with third parties.

After password is created you will be offered to edit settings of your account

There are several languages available at the moment, please choose the most convenient for you.

You will be also offered to choose timezone. In case you are in a different time zone with the event, you will see all time information converted according to your time preferences.

Next step is to upload your profile photo. We highly suggest not to skip this step.

Now your registration is completed and you have access to the virtual event.

If you are invited by event code, please enter it in the following field:

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