When you first register on our platform as an organizer you will be automatically switched to our Test Drive plan which lasts 14 days from the registration date. This kind of plan allows users to create events on PINE in a draft mode and it also helps to understand whether our platform fits their needs.

Please note that you can even publish your events while you are on a trial subscription but you will need to pay for the number of attendees, added features, and the days of your event according to the automatic calculator.

After this period is passed you need to choose a subscription type that will be suitable for the event format.

You can find all the information about plans in the Billing tab. You just need to click on the PINE logo in the upper left corner and open the billing tab.

We have two main plans: monthly subscription and individual one.

The monthly subscription on PINE costs 120$ per month. This type of subscription allows you to add as many team members as you want. Choosing this plan, you receive 120 free registrations with basic functionality for 1 event for up to 3 days.

Basic functionality doesn't include the following features: private meetings, random networking, sponsor adds, virtual booths, and virtual rooms.

If you decide to use one of these functions, add more attendees or extend the days of your event, the cost will be more expensive.

Please note that in case you do not use 120 registrations during your subscription, they will disappear from your account balance when your subscription ends.

You can check the estimated cost of your event in our calculator in the billing tab - just click on the "Event Estimation" in the upper right corner.

Another subscription plan is an individual one that includes all the features for your event.

If you decide to choose this subscription you need to contact us via [email protected].

The details and peculiar properties of your event are discussed individually with your manager.

Each subscription has different support levels.

If you are on a monthly subscription you can contact us to get any assistance via two support channels - our email and online chat on the website.

While on the individual plan you can count on the help of a personal manager and you can contact us via email or online chat as well.

Please note that all extra features that were added or used after the event was published will be billed additionally after the event is over.

Please also pay attention to the fact if some of the attendees are added to an event that has already ended (for example, through the link in the ticketing system), then money will be debited from your account as for the new attendee.

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].

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