Organizers can make attendees invisible to others by means of incognito mode. This mode can be applied by organizers while adding people as attendees or they can let attendees choose whether they like to be in incognito mode.

To make an attendee incognito you need to switch on the toggle while adding a person to your attendee list manually.

If you want to apply this mode to an existing participant you need to click on three dots in front of the name of a person in the Attendee tab and choose the variant “Edit”. There you can turn on the incognito mode.

You can also let attendees become incognito themselves at the event. To give this possibility you need to go to the Settings -> Attendees and turn on this toggle in the “Incognito mode” section.

Please note that this opportunity is turned off by default.

If you let attendees choose their visibility, they will be able to do it in the Event Settings -> Switch the toggle of the incognito mode.

If some attendees are using the incognito mode, they will not be seen in the attendee list.

When they write in the event chats, their profile becomes visible.

Please be aware that the incognito mode affects the statistics, so such attendees will not be considered while gathering the analytics for your streams, rooms, etc.

Moreover, if an attendee decides to create an attendee card, it will not be visible to others.

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