PINE offers various ways of streaming. You can stream on stages, in virtual booths, and in virtual rooms.

There are several ways of broadcasting:

  • Backstage in PINE

  • RTMP protocol

  • External Links

  • Prerecorded videos of the sessions


Backstage is a video-room where you can check if the web-camera and microphone work well. This room is active during the whole conference. To enter this room on the stage you need to go to the stage -> click on the session tab -> click on three dots in front of the session you need to show -> choose the variant to Go Backstage.

To enter the backstage in the virtual booth, you need to go to the Virtual Expo -> Choose the virtual booth -> click on Go backstage. This can be also done from the Company Portal.

If you need to Go Backstage in the virtual room, please open the room and click on the button “Go Backstage”.

In backstage you need to check your web-camera and micro, then please click “Join”. When you are ready for streaming, please click on the button “Go Live” (or “Start Session” on the stage).


If you want to stream from another software or your own custom software, you can use RTMP for that.

You can find the RTMP link and key in the backstage. First of all, please go backstage and switch the type of broadcasting to RTMP as it is shown in the screenshot below.

As you switched to RTMP, please copy the URL and Key of the session and paste them to your streaming settings. Then please start your stream and click on the “Continue” button in the backstage on PINE platform and start the live stream.

Please note that each session has its own key and the link is the same for all sessions.

You can get the streaming key and URL for RTMP in the Media Library as well. Please check how to do it here. Pay attention to that if your RTMP is connected via the Media Library, there will not be any live marker on the stage and the Q&A section.

Moreover, the RTMP protocol broadcasts only video and sound signals, so other custom functions like switching to different languages that are offered by your media service cannot be used in PINE.

You can use links to the stream from other media players and services. These custom links can be added to the Media Library. Please check how to add a link to a media library in this article.

In this case, the stream can be launched from the media tab on the stage -> just click on the media you want to play.

Please note that if you are uploading the link for your stream in the media library, the live marker and Q&A tab will not be shown for your stream.

If it is necessary for you to have a live marker and the Q&A tab, this custom link can be uploaded to a particular session in the sessions tab. Please click on three dots in front of the session, then choose the variant Upload Video and add your custom link.

When you want to start your stream, please go to the stage -> open the session tab -> click on three dots in front of the session to which you have uploaded your link and choose the variant Start Video.

Prerecorded videos

Streams can be also prerecorded and on the stage as a live session. These videos can be added by speakers to a Speaker Hub or uploaded to a particular session as was mentioned previously.

In the Speaker Hub speakers can upload their recorded videos if they do not need to go live -> just click on the button “Upload Video”.

These files speakers need to upload in the speaker hub in advance.

If you're uploading files, please note that you can use mp4 format only and the maximum file size is 5 GB!

If you are adding your video to a session, please go to the sessions tab in the attendee app and click on three dots in front of the session you need. Then please choose the variant Upload Video.

When you need to start streaming an uploaded video you just need to press on three dots in front of the speaker’s name and the session and choose the option “Start Video”.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

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