This is our checklist for an organizer. We have prepared a few points that will help you to set up your event properly and check everything before the publication of your event.

  • Try to use the Google Chrome browser as it works stably there.
  • Before publishing an event, please check that only the needed features are added to an event cost calculator in the Billing tab. If there are mentioned unnecessary functions, please contact our support team via online chat or at [email protected].
  • Check if your subscription period allows you to hold an event. Otherwise, you will lose access to your organizer account and there will no be any possibility to customize the ongoing activities.
  • Please be sure that you have added yourself as an attendee for your event. Otherwise, you will not have access to your event functionality and it will be impossible for you to preview the event from an attendee’s side.
  • Please check that you have added all collaborators and moderators for your event in the Settings -> Collaborators.
  • Check all the groups’ settings. Please go to the Settings -> Groups and verify if this configuration matches the ticket types and organizer plans.
  • Check all the links and media files that were uploaded to your event in order to be sure that all files can be played and opened on stages and booths.
  • Check if you added all exhibitors of the company as members of the virtual booth and gave them access to edit their booth.
  • Try to organize some tests of live streams with speakers and moderators if needed. So, they will be familiar with the streaming on the platform.
  • Please preview your unpublished event, and check that the menu for your event looks as you expect it to be, all items are present and in the correct order.

If you have more questions about setting up your event, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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