PINE currently does not have any direct gamification or scoring system on the platform.

While using our platform, attendees can participate in polls on stages and rate sessions after the end of the live stream. You can use polls in order to simulate some kind of a game while the live stream or ask attendees to evaluate the event or give their attitude to the discussed topic.

Pay your attention to the fact that polls are available on the stages, virtual expo and in rooms. Please check here how you can create different polls.

Regarding the scoring system you can also check our rating system of the session. Attendees need to click on the button rate session and give it a score.

Moreover, you can always add a link as a menu item that will lead to the gamification that was created on your website, for example. You can add a link in the Event Menu -> Add new page.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

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