There are three types of events that you can launch on PINE - online, hybrid, and offline. You can choose the event type when creating an event and filling in all basic details.

  • Online option is perfect for events that will take place in virtual space on the PINE platform. You will be able to conduct streams, access to online networking, etc.

  • Hybrid option should be chosen in case you want to hold an event both in virtual and offline formats. You can use PINE as a navigation and matchmaking tool for participants who attend your event physically, and as a complete tool for those people who attend your event virtually.

  • Offline option implies that you have your event fully arranged physically. So, you can choose it if you just want to have a navigation and matchmaking tool for your offline event without any streaming functions.

Please note that once you decide on the event type, you cannot change it afterward.

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected] or via online chat on the website.

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