If the organizer granted you an opportunity to schedule meetings at the event, you can do it both online (through PINE connect) and offline (at a particular point or place).

To request a meeting with a person, you need to open an attendee profile and click on the button “Request meeting”.

You can also do it from the “My meetings” tab, just click on the time slot you want your meeting to be scheduled and search for an attendee you want to meet.

Then you need to describe a reason to meet and choose a place where you want to meet from the offered list.

PINE connect (online meetings on the platform) is chosen by default. You can choose another offline location for the meeting if it was added by the organizer.

Some of the places can be linked to the map, so you can click on the map icon to check where this place is actually located.

There is also a possibility to choose the auto reservation, so your meeting will be automatically assigned to the first free place. You can also add your own location (i.e. cafe across the street).

When you requested a meeting, please wait for confirmation from an attendee.

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected] or drop us a message in the chat.

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