As an organizer, you can invite members to your organization or collaborators that help to manage a certain event.

The main difference between collaborators and team members is that collaborators are invited to manage a particular event when a team member is added to your organization.

To add a team member you need to go to your organizer account, open the “Team” tab. This tab shows the list of your team members and their roles. If you need to add a team member, please click on the blue button “Invite”.

You will see a window where you need to enter a person’s email and to choose a role for your future team member.

There are two roles that can be assigned to a person - content manager and administrator.

The content manager is responsible for filling the event with suitable content but he doesn’t have access to the settings of the event. Admin has all rights to manage the account and the settings of your event.

Please note that admins have the right to create events, but content managers - not.

Then the invitation email is sent to a recipient. As soon as he clicks on the link, he will be offered to create an account on PINE. Then this person will be added to your team members list.

If you want to give access to one of your events, you need to add this person as a collaborator. To do that, please go to the settings of your event and click on the tab “Collaborators”. Then you can invite a person as a collaborator or a session moderator.

You need to click on the blue button “Invite” and you will see a window where you can enter the email of the recipient or enable your invitation link.

After you send an invitation to a particular person, he receives an email with the link where he will be offered to create an account on PINE if he doesn’t have it.

Please note that if you invite collaborators, then a person automatically receives a content manager role. If you need to change the role for your collaborator, please click on three dots in front of the name of a person and choose the option “Change role”.

Please note that you will be charged 50$ per month for extra added team members/collaborators if you do not delete them from the platform.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or via online chat on the website.

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